Thank you for the support – Charlotte Caslick

It has been a tough season for us backing up from the highs of 2015/16 and the Olympic Games. We’ve faced a fair bit of adversity during the course of the season and at times haven’t aimed up to it as well as we expect of ourselves. But we finished off the Japanese tournament showing some character and carried that through to Canada. Whilst we didn’t get the result we were aiming for in Langford, things were starting to click into gear for us. In the semi-final loss to Canada we played some of our best footy for the season, dominated most aspects of the game, but still managed to lose. That happens in sport and in sevens in particular, so we go into the last tournament of the season in a pretty good space and looking to finish the season on a high.

It’s made me reflect on where we’ve been & I was just looking back over some of the messages of support we received during the Olympic Games and in the aftermath of our gold medal win. They brought a smile to my face, just like they did in August last year. These awesome messages are still coming through, but I thought you guys might be interested to see what people had to say at the time (I’ve removed names to protect the identity of those concerned!).


PR. You ladies are bad ass. Having a GREAT TIME watching U kick butt.

Hope you all take home the GOLD! ! !

NS. So exited for you all and bring on the Finals we’ll all be cheering for you

MD. Hey Charlotte! Just wanted to say well done for the win over canada and goodluck for the final in a couple of hours! You’re all doing super well and we’re all behind you. Most exciting sport in the Olympics by far! Good luck!! Xx

JA. Just wanted to say Good Luck, in your match today vs the U.S. I am watching from the states but after watching your day one performance, you’ve made a new fan out of me. Now pulling for you and Aussies.

CK. Fxxxing go Aussie girls I might have had a few beers and threw the tv in the drive way when New Zealand scored in front of about 25 of my friends and embarrassed myself but fxxk it lol. but i watched you girls every time you played . Ive already bought my tickets and made my best friend spend the 5000 dollars to the world cup next year so you girls better win im a three time arenacross world champ aka motorcycle racing indoors if you dont know what that is lol …go aussie girls

CS. Great game last night I salute you from Linz, Austria…

JJ. YOU win a fan girl!!! That is top quality pass and mind! Big kiss from portugal to YOU olimpic champions

DVD. Wow never seen you play before but you’re one hell of a player and a fantastic athlete.
Congrats to you and the girls…
Aussie Aussie Aussie

LM. Congratulations champions!!! In Rome we say “daje ragazze”, I’m your Italian fan, I love this sport and I love you!!!!!!

AB. Hi!
I’m just a french guy and I want to tell you this:
You’re beautiful and have amazing skill! Congratulation for the Gold !
I think i’m your best fan…
Enjoy your victory!
Kiss from France (and from me als )

TI. Congratulations!! It was amazing to watch you play!! You are so fast, smart and WONDERFUL

TP. Charlotte, you and the team deserve a huge congrats for claiming the gold in Rio. As a past Corinda lad, you are credit to all who know you.

MB. You are a star….it is great watching you and your Pearls teammates excel in Rio, thanks for the enjoyment.
Gold Gold Gold.
Well done

MAG. Felicidades por su victoria en Río. Saludos

JR. Congrats for that gold!!! Greetings from Argentina

PF. Congratulations Charlotte!!
I was cheering for you and your wonderful country!!
A big hug!
Paolo from Italy

ND. Great win against New Zealand for the Gold in Rio 2016 Rugby Sevens! Just like the Trans Tasman test between the Kiwis and Kangaroos! 🙂

MD. Awesome display by the ladies. I’ve never seen Ladies sevens before and I’m sold, best thing at the games so far. It took me 2 milliseconds to see that you Charlotte, are an awesome talent. Thank you for the great joy you have brought us Aussies.

DB. Hi how are you going?
I was wondering if you could link me to a site or a shop where I can buy a replica jersey from the Aussie team?
I’ve fallen in love with women’s Rugby 7s after following it in the Olympics!!! It’s fantastic to watch!!! A truly amazing sport and really want to get Tonegato’s jersey and wear it proudly.

RT. Fantastic game Charlotte. A GOLDEN Rugby Sevens Final.

ZB. Charlotte Caslick,, sincerely speaking ur my hero though ur a woman bt u inspire me soo much. I wish i were the king of the world, then i could crown u the player of the century. Wish u well my sister. — in Nairobi, Kenya.

YMK. J’ador Ké Une Femme Pratique Le Sport

AP. G’day luv!

I know you are busy busting your guts on the field to bring home gold, but I just wanted to say.
I have never had a massive interest in rugby, both men and women’s. But I stumbled across one of your games and boy oh boy! You have my full attention!
You make the game so much more enjoyable, fun, sexy and just beautiful when you play!
I’ve got my whole soccer team staying at my place tonight and we are getting up tomorrow morning go watch you guys smash it tomorrow morning at 3:30am! We don’t care about the time as long as we are watching you and all the other women on green and gold bring home a win!
So goodluck from my team, but a extra goodluck and round of applause for looking so gorgeous from me!

Go get them luv!

Having a wonderful game! 24-5 thanks to you! Keep going luv!

Congratulations! So proud. Got up at 3 this morning to watch all the games again, but this was the best one!


You are Australia’s new golden girl.

KH. Congrats Charlie and teammates! I am sure I have refereed you some yrs ago at Whites Hill. I knew rep touch players could make it in rugby. I only wish I was 20 yrs younger to mix it with you! Enjoy and may you girls play that well as a team for many yrs to come! Your coach is extremely astute! Bit like P.… B… (my Qld schoolgirls touch coach in 85 & 86!)

BG. Hey, awesome job today. Congratulations!. Never heard of you before the Olympics, but now everyone in my house, including my kids, knows you and the other girls. Brilliant work representing our country. Congrats again.

EM. Congratulations on a wonderful win, you played a brilliant game, for a very old rugby bloke it was fantastic to watch…… wishes to all the Pearls……….EM

PM. Hey charlotte your the best rugby player I’ve seen. Good luck with the gold medal match. Ill be watching. Good luck
Well done u smashed it

TS. I can’t stop watching the replay! This is probably a tiny message in the millions you have received, but I just want to congratulate you on all your success!

AT. Loved watching you play you are one tuff player and can read the game so well. Congrats on the gold had me on the edge of my seat. Enjoy the rest of the games.

TD. you are perfect
congrats from back home (I’m just a 15 year old kid that likes a bit of 7s)
thought it would be nice to send a message

JW. Hey im a friend of Sarah’s just wanted to congratulate you on your gold medal awesome effort. Everyone got to school early to watch it

AS. Hey Charlotte,
Been watching you from back in Oz, congratulations! You’ve done Australia proud!
Must admit saw you playing and instant fan you were amazing! In my mind best player there was.

RA. Hello Mlle CASLICK congratulation has you and your team for this beautiful victory in finale of olympics games

JA. Hello Charlotte un bonjour de France.
Bravo, super, génial congratulations.
Toutes mes félicitations pour cette médaille d’or de Rio. Un jeu magnifique, je me suis régalé.
Gros bisous, french kiss,

CMcHB. Awesome effort Charlotte. Congrats on the Gold. Go you good thing..! Blessings and keep safe.

EI. Huge congratulations Charlotte, to you and the rest of the girls. It was absolutely thrilling to watch all your games but the Gold medal match was brilliant

DE. That was bloody Awesome!! to watch

BD. What a great tournament for our team !!
Congrat’s, you’re the one, and for all of french supporter, the best player of this year..
French supporter, addicted by you

BR. Just wanted to send a short note to thank you for coming to St Bede’s yesterday. My daughter is in kindy and has talked of your visit with such joy since yesterday. We watched your matches during the Olympics but seeing you in her school was very special to I… Congratulations on your successful Olympics and for taking the opportunity to inspire others.

And in between these messages from people I didn’t know from Australia & abroad, there were the messages from people who were part of the journey, like this one:

DF. Congrats Charlotte you are an inspiration! The dream you had several years ago has come true! So proud of you!!

There’s not enough hours in the day to thank everyone for the messages of support they send. By sharing this little cross section of them, I hope everyone understands how much they mean to me and my team mates. You wouldn’t know it from the newspapers, but there are a lot of bloody good people in this world.